International and Bilingual Program
To enter the international program an entering student must have graduated from an international school with instruction of all courses in English, or have a TOEFL score of 437 or above, or an IELTS score of at least 4.0 or an ONET score in English of at least 40%. Other students may enter the international program after successfully completing the following Intensive English courses:
     Intensive English I : English Oral Skills 3(2-2)
     Intensive English II : English Reading Skills 3(2-2)
     Intensive English III : English Writing Skills 3(2-2)

Bachelor's Degree (4 Years)
     Must have graduated from Mattayom 6, Grade 12 or equival
     For Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Science must have completed a Science or Mathematics major in       Mattayom/High School or equivalent

Continuing Education
     Must have a Po.Wo.So./Associate's Degree or equivalent in this academic field from an accredited institution for Business Management
     Must have at least a basic Nursing Education certificate for Nursing Sciences

Required Documents
Enclose these documents with the application form:
     A copy of transcripts / educational certificate (s)
     A copy of Thai ID card or passport for overseas applicants
     Three 1" photos taken within the last three months (Frontal view, without hats or sun glasses
     A copy of Household Registration (for Thai)
     A copy of TOEFL/IELT/SAT result (if applicable)

Application Procedures
Walk-In now receiving applications
Submit an application form at any of three Christian University of Thailand locations:
     Christian University of Thailand (Registrar's Office, Main Campus - Nakhon Pathom)
     Pra Pratone Academic Service Center (Nakhon Pathom)
     Siam Complex Educational Center (Church of Christ in Thailand Building 8th and 9th floors, 328 Phayathai Road, Rajthevi Bangkok)
Send a completed application and US$25 Postal Money Order to
"Christian University of Thailand" P.O. Box 33 Nakhon Pathom 73000 Thailand
Submit the application form by email (digital pictures acceptable).
Direction for sending your application fee will be sent to your email address. Transfer of funds will be handled on a country - to - country basis
Applicants who have paid the application fee will receive three documents:
     Entering Student Proficiency Exam ID Card
     New Student Information Packet

Admission Options
Special exemption for undergraduate students with a grade point average of 2.50 or above and for graduate students with a graduate point average of 3.00 or above
Transfer from international programs in other accredited institutions of higher education